Saturday, May 16, 2020

Verifications - 2020 crash foretold from 2018 
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Bill Weather
     These are documented sources, from 2018 and 2019, that foretold from the 2018/2019 dreams (at of when the economic crash would occur, based on the metaphorical information given in the dreams. These posts are from long before the crash took place, verifying their authenticity from the Holy Spirit supernaturally foretelling of the crash. And foretelling it would occur in 2020. Snap shot pics of linked screens are below. Anyone can look these posts up from their own phone by joining FB group End Times Investing or other posts the same.

Verifications. Tap pic to enlarge

I'm in shock!  Exact day page here 

This one foretold Trump would be ripped 1/2 way
(from an 8 year presidency)
Original Nov 1, 2016 post of this at end times investing FB group

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  1. The Red Horses dream shows a (google) "K Shaped Recovery", which is much more accurate of an economic View than a "V shaped recovery". While Wall Street is soaring many businesses are shut down or have gone under because of covid, showing the arms of a K shaped "recovery" which is really no recovery at all